directed by Justin Emeka

Death of a Salesman 

“I have taught Death of a Salesman for over three decades, I have watched and read it easily more than 100 times, but Thursday I saw the play in an entirely new light.  I was not prepared for the power and emotional impact your choices would add to this American classic. You added so much to the play without changing a line.  While the stakes were so much higher for your Loman family, it reminded us how universal the stakes are for us all.”

 -Teresa Jenkins, English Chair, Lake Ridge Academy

“I’m not always a fan of updated classics transported to some unlikely place, but this one truly worked. The common ground between the white experience Miller originally envisioned a half century ago and the black experience that Emeka and Brooks brought to the production underscore the universality of the story... Using a nontraditional cast and incorporating the appropriate cultural sensitivity to this production allows us to expand the discussion and celebrate the artistic possibilities”          

​                       -Cincinnatti City Beat