story, characters, and inspiration 

Post-Production (Nov.&Dec. 2023)  Editing; Music Score; Color Effects; Titling sequences. 

With your support, I will complete the creation of a beautiful and authentic ode to the Hip Hop scene in Seattle of the 90's.  As we acknowledge the 50th anniversary of a movement that changed American culture, this film illuminates the critical presence of Seattle's Hip Hop scene and honors the choices many must make as artists and parents.

Make contribution to this film through seed & spark. 

Pre-Production (June-Aug. 2023): Scouting locations; Script development & rehearsals.


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shooting begins Fall 2023

Principal Photography (Oct. 2023) Seven day prep and shoot on location in Seattle. Equipment rental; Professional sound & camera crew; Music production  

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​current budget   $40,000

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​This film is a triumphant story that centers music, healing, and fatherhood,


A talented Hip-Hop artist living in obscurity in Seattle, WA during the 90s must choose between fame and fatherhood when the mother of his child is diagnosed with a fatal illness.  


Marketing (Jan.-Feb 2024) festival submissions promotional materials 

Too often films that center Hip-hop illustrate a culture of violence, misogyny and self-destruction.   This film illuminates the humanity of Hip-hop within a unique cultural landscape of Seattle during the 'golden era' of the 90s.   ​