Marketing (January 2024)

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It feels like everyday that  we continue to hear stories of Black men being killed somewhere in the nation, out of fear and lack of understanding.  This film promotes love and empathy for a young black couple trying to raise a family. It is a triumphant story that centers music, healing  and fatherhood.  Too often films that center Hip-hop illustrate a culture of violence, misogyny and self-destruction.   This film reveals the humanity of Hip-hop within a unique cultural landscape of Seattle during the 'golden era' of the 90s.   

How to contribute 


*I recently recieved  a fellowship in TV/Film Directing from The Drama League, and have been awarded $25,000 to go towards this film.  To cover my budget, I am seeking additional support from family, friends and anyone who wants to be a part of this important story.   

Post-Production (Nov. 2023)

  • original music
  • editing, titles, & color effects

I have taken an unpaid leave from teaching to pursue my goal of  becoming a world renowned filmmaker.  My intention with this short film is to gain Academy Award consideration.  Quality filmmaking is expensive, especially to authentically represent  the 90s, which is now 30 years gone (believe it or not).  I invite you to join me as a supporter.    

Pre-Production (June-Aug. 2023)

  • fundraising & script development
  • Scouting locations in Seattle
  • Cast actors

 Help me Make this film!


shooting begins Fall 2023

Principal Photography (Oct. 2023)

  • Shooting 3 days on location in Seattle
  • Equipment rental, hire professional crew
  • ​actors, transportation, housing

budget   $60,000

  costs include 

Look Book

Why is this story important?

THANK YOU for your consideration.  All those who contribute $100 will have an opportunity to see the first cut of the film via digital link and share their personal response, before the final cut is made.   I am also offering a digital copy of the screenplay for anyone who contributes at least $250.  And anyone who contributes at least $1000 will also be listed in the credits of the film.  Let’s GOOOO!!!!!

A talented Hip-Hop artist living in obscurity in Seattle, WA during the 90s must choose between fame and fatherhood when the mother of his child is diagnosed with a fatal illness.  This is a “coming of fatherhood” story and reveals a young Black man learning to live, love and support a family as a Hip-Hop artist.   Please contribute to this 15-minute short film that will serve as a "proof of concept" for a feature length film.