Production team

Associate Director Miyah Byers

Stage Manager Heather Ankley

Lights by Jared Gooding

Set by Anka Lupes

Costumes by Demeatria Boccela

Hair and Wigs by Tenel Dorsey

Sound by Zach Moore

adapted and directed by Justin Emeka

at Pittsburg Public Theater



A Midsummer night's Dream in Harlem

featuring Portia, Keith Lee Grant, Amara Granderson, Brenden Pfeifer, Saige Smith, E. Mani Cadet, June Alvilda Almonte, Brian Starks, Andre G. Brown, Harry Hawkins, Marshall Mabriy, Richard McBride, Jaris Owens, Chrisala Brown, Kelsey Robinson, Calina Womack, Akinlana Lowman, Hope Anthony